6.8. Sharing in Space


You are looking at documentation for an older release. Not what you want? See the current release documentation.

To share an update, a document or a link in a space, you must be a member first. Then follow these steps:

  1. Access to the space in which you want to publish a post.

  2. Point to the space's activity stream.

  3. Compose your text message or upload documents or attach a link in the activity composer. It is same as Sharing in activity stream.

  4. Finally click on Post to share the status.

When you mouse over the space name from the post, a popover is displayed with the space name, the space avatar and the space description.

If you are a member in the space and not an administrator or creator, in addition to the previously cited components, a Leave button is displayed in the popover allowing you to leave the space and Chat button allowing you to start a discussion with the space members.

Once you leave the space, you will not be able to see any activity, nor receiving notifications of your former publications on this space

Only the space managers and authors of the posts can delete the activities by clicking on the delete (1) icon in the corner. All notifications related to that deleted activity in the space are also deleted.

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