Chapter 1. Basic Actions

This chapter includes the following topics:

  • eXo IDE interface

    Introduction to the eXo IDE interface that will help you easily use eXo IDE.

  • Selecting a workspace

    How to go to your desired workspace.

  • Copying/Cutting/Pasting files and folders

    How to copy/cut and paste files and folders.

  • Managing folders

    How to do actions on folders in eXo IDE, including opening, creating/deleting, renaming and downloading/uploading a file.

  • Managing files

    How to work with files in eXo IDE, such as opening, viewing and copying, creating a file, and more.

  • Search

    How to search for files in eXo IDE and to specify the location of an opened file in the Content tab.

  • Versioning

    How to use the versioning feature that enables you to realize the versions history of a file.

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