9.9. Manage content with Fast Content Creator

The Fast Content Creator portlet in eXo Platform enables you to quickly create and save a new document with only one template in a specific location without accessing Sites Explorer. This helps you save a lot of time when creating a new document.

To use the Fast Content Creator portlet, you need to add it to a specific page first by dragging and dropping the Fast Content Creator portlet from Page EditorApplicationsForms to the main pane. This can be done when creating a new page or editing an existing page or editing the layout of a site.

Configuring Fast Content Creator

  1. Hover your cursor over the portlet, then click pencil to edit the portlet.

    The form with the Edit Mode tab appears.


    Location to Save Selects the location to save documents or messages.
    Select Template Selects a template for the document. There are different input fields corresponding to each selected template.
    Custom Save Button Changes the label for the "Save" button.
    Custom Save Message Changes the content of custom message that informs you have just saved a document.
    Redirect Allows you to redirect the path in the Redirect Path field.
    Redirect Path Shows a path to which you will be directed after clicking OK in the confirmation message.
    The Action pane Adds an action to the document and view actions added to the document.

  2. Select a specific location to save documents.

    i. Click magnifying glass next to the Location to Save field to open the Select Location form.

    ii. Select the parent node in the left pane, then click green tick in the Add column to select the child node in the right pane. After being selected, this location will be displayed on the Location to Save field. Created documents will be saved in this location.

  3. Select a template which is used to create a new document.

  4. Change the label for the Custom Save button, and the content for Custom Save Message.

  5. Tick the Redirect checkbox if you want to redirect to the path in the Redirect Path field after clicking OK in the confirmation message.

  6. Add an action to the document by clicking Add to open the Add Action form. Do the same steps in the Adding an action section.

  7. Click Close to quit the form to edit the configuration of Fast Content Creator.

  8. Click green tick to save all your changes.

    The fast content creator portlet will be shown and allows you to create content quickly. For example, the fast content portlet is added to the Question page:

Creating/Viewing content

Creating new content

  1. Go to the page which has the fast content creator portlet.

  2. Fill values in all the fields in the page.

  3. Click a button in the page to accept creating the new document. A message appears to let you know that the document is created successfully at the location selected in the Location to Save field.


    The button name is different, basing on the Custom Save Button field.

Viewing content

After creating a new document by Fast Content Creator, you can view it as follows:

  1. Go to Sites Explorer.

  2. Select the drive and the path that you established in the configuration of Fast Content Creator. You will see this document.

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