Chapter 9. Managing Your Websites

Content is a main part of a website that may consist of various elements, such as texts, images, sounds, videos, animations, and more. In eXo Platform, you can manage both structured and unstructured content.

To create and manage the content more effectively and dynamically, you need to pay attention to the structure of each content, including:

  • Main content contains all key content, such as texts, images, links, tables, and more.

  • Illustration is an image which is used to clarify or explain the content. Also, a summary also can be added to this image.

  • CSS Data are used to present the web content, such as layout, font, color, and more.

  • JS Data are used to make web content more animating and dynamic.

In this chapter, with the role as a web-contributor, you will know how to effectively manage your websites via the following topics:


eXo Platform 4.1 provides one sample website named ACME in the Enterprise edition. To use that website, the ACME add-on should be already installed by your administrator (see here for how-to). After that, you can access it via the URL: http://{domain-name}/portal/acme.

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