3.2. Creating a space

After going to the Spaces page, you can add a new space so that you and your collaborators can work together or discuss specific topics as follows:

  1. Click at the top left corner of the Space page to open the Add New Space form.

  2. In the Settings tab, enter a space name (required and from 3 to 30 characters) and description (from 0 to 255 characters).

  3. In the Access & Edit tab, select an access level.

    • Visibility: By default, the Visibility value is set to be Visible.

      • Visible: The space is always visible in the public spaces list.

      • Hidden: The space is not visible in the public spaces list.

    • Registration: By default, the Registration value is set as Validation.

      • Open: The users sending their requests can join the space without any validation.

      • Validation: The membership must be validated by the space manager.

      • Close: The user cannot request for joining, but only the space manager can invite him.

  4. In the Invite users from group tab, select all members of a specific group for your space where you are already 'manager'.

    One of the two following cases occurs when you select this tab.

    • The first instance: You have been already the manager of a group. It means that you have created at least a space.

      • i. Tick the Select a group of people to invite in your space checkbox to open the form below.

      • ii. Select the group in the left pane, then its child group in the right pane.

        You will see your selected group as below.


      To remove the selected groups, untick the Select a group of people to invite in your space checkbox.

      After you have selected one existing group, all users in that group will be invited to join your newly created space.

    • The second instance: You have not been a manager of any group yet. It means that this is the first time you create a space, so you cannot select a target group.

  5. Click Create to finish adding your new space. The new space appears.


When more than two space characters are input between words in the space name, these spaces will be converted to ONLY ONE space when being displayed. With space characters at the beginning and end of space names, these space characters will be also omitted.

After being created, your space will be automatically added to the list of MY SPACES on the left panel. Therefore, you can access your space by clicking its name.

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