Managing drafts

While you are creating or editing a wiki page, your modification will be auto-saved as draft in the My drafts page, and a notification message will be shown near the page title.

The draft of this page will be deleted after the page has been saved successfully.

If you cancel creating the new page, a confirmation message will pop up:


When you edit an existing page which has modifications saved as draft, a warning will be shown that you can view, resume or delete the draft.

You can easily manage your drafts in the My Drafts page by clicking BrowseMy drafts.

Here, you can:

Viewing drafts

Click corresponding to the draft you want to view.

Resuming drafts

Click your desired page title to continue editing/creating the page with the previously saved modifications.

Deleting drafts

Click corresponding to the draft you want to delete, then click OK in the confirmation message to accept your deletion.

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