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When editing the content of a page, Wiki will automatically create a version of that page after it is saved. Thanks to the page versions, you can make changes on the page safely and roll back to an earlier version without worrying about messing things up.

In the Page History view, you can see all versions of a page.

By default, the version of a page is displayed in the header, and each version includes the following information:


All functions, including viewing, comparing and restoring, can also be done by clicking the Revisions link at the Page Info bar. One pop-up pane appears right under this bar, allowing you to do the same steps as described below.

Viewing a page history

To access the page history, just click View Page History in the Page Info view.

The Page History appears.

In which:

Viewing versions of a page

To view a specific version of a page, just click a version label in the Page History page. The selected version of that page will be displayed.

At a version of the page, you can do the following actions:

Comparing page versions

Wiki keeps track of histories of changes on a page by maintaining a version of the page each time it is modified. To compare two versions, select two checkboxes corresponding to each relevant version, then click Compare the selected versions.

A page which shows the changes between these two versions will be displayed.

The changes between two versions will be marked with colors:


Only two revisions can be selected at one time.

Restoring a page version

When you notice that there are changes in the current page version that you are not satisfied, you can rollback to an older version of that page quickly.

To restore to an older version, click corresponding to your desired version in the Page History page.


Restoring to an older version will create a copy of that version. For example, if the [current version (v.2)] is restored to the [older version (v.1)], Wiki will create a new version (v.3) containing content of v.1. The version v.3 will become the current version.

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