5.4. Consuming GateIn's WSRP portlets from a remote consumer

WSRP Consumers vary a lot as far as how they are configured. Most of them require you to specify the URL for the Producer's WSDL definition. Please refer to your Consumer's documentation for specific instructions. For instructions on how to do so in GateIn, please refer to Section 5.5, “Consuming remote WSRP portlets in GateIn”.

GateIn's Producer is automatically set up when you deploy a portal instance with the WSRP service. You can access the WSDL file at http://{hostname}:{port}/wsrp-producer/v2/MarkupService?wsdl. If you wish to use only the WSRP 1 compliant version of the producer, please use the WSDL file found at http://{hostname}:{port}/wsrp-producer/v1/MarkupService?wsdl. The default hostname is localhost and the default port is 8080.

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