5.2. Deploying GateIn's WSRP services

GateIn provides a complete support of WSRP 1.0 standard interfaces and offers services to both consumers and producers. The WSRP support is provided by the following files, assuming $GATEIN_HOME is where GateIn has been installed, $WSRP_VERSION (at the time of the writing, it was 1.1.0-GA) is the version of the WSRP component and $PORTAL_VERSION (at the time of the writing, it was 3.0.1-GA) is the current GateIn version:

If you are not going to use WSRP in GateIn, you can remove $GATEIN_HOME/lib/gatein.portal.component.wsrp-$PORTAL_VERSION.jar from your GateIn distribution to easily deactivate the WSRP support. Of course, if you want to trim your installation, you can also remove all the files mentioned above.

WSRP use when running GateIn on a non-default port or hostname

JBoss WS (the web service stack that GateIn uses), you need to pay attention to details of updating the port and host name used in WSDL. See the JBoss WS user guide on that subject for more details.

Of course, if you have modified the host name and port on which your server runs, you will need to update the configuration for the consumer used to consume GateIn's 'self' producer. Please refer to the Section 5.5, “Consuming remote WSRP portlets in GateIn” to learn how to do so.

Considerations to use WSRP with SSL

It is possible to use WSRP over SSL for secure exchange of data. Please refer to the instructions on how to do from GateIn's wiki.

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