5.5. Consuming remote WSRP portlets in GateIn

  • Configuring a remote producer walk-through

    Instructions on how to define access to a remote producer so that its portlets can be consumed within GateIn by using the configuration portlet or using the portlet.xml file.

  • Configuring access to remote producers via XML

    Instructions on how to configure consumers by editing the wsrp-consumers-config.xml file with the required and optional configuration information.

  • Examples

    Sample codes of consumers with a cache expiring every 500 seconds and with a 50 second timeout for web service operations, and of a WSRP descriptor with registration data and cache expiring every minute.

To consume the WSRP portlets exposed by a remote producer, GateIn's WSRP consumer needs to know how to access that remote producer. One can configure access to a remote producer using the provided configuration portlet. Alternatively, it is also possible to configure access to remote producers using an XML descriptor, though it is recommended (and easier) to do so via the configuration portlet.

Once a remote producer has been configured, the portlets that it exposes are then available in the Application Registry to be added to categories and then to pages.

As a way to test the WSRP producer service and to check that the portlets that you want to expose remotely are correctly published via WSRP, a default consumer named self, that consumes the portlets exposed by GateIn's producer, has been configured.

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