13.2. Elasticsearch external mode


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With the external mode, Elasticsearch nodes are not embedded in eXo Platform server, eXo Platform connects to the external Elasticsearch node or cluster.


The external mode is the recommended mode for production environments and it is advisable to use it that way:

  • A standalone Elasticsearch node for standard eXo Platform load.

  • A cluster of Elasticsearch for high availability and/or heavy load.

To use the external mode, you need to uninstall the embedded mode using this command:

./addon uninstall exo-es-embedded

or simply disable it in exo.properties by setting to false the property exo.es.embedded.enabled:


The following plugins must be installed on Elasticsearch instance:


We highly recommend to use Elasticsearch 5.6 version.

As for embedded mode, some parameters should be configured for the external mode through exo.properties file:

You can find more details about the above parameters, default values and description in Properties reference table.

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