6.1.5. Private messages

Private messages will not be moderated and only viewable for recipients. Only logged-in users can do the following actions on private messages:

Sending a private message

1. Click the username or avatar of the user you want to send message, then select Send Private Message from the drop-down menu.

The Private Messages form will appear.

2. Enter the username of the other recipients;

Or, click the icons next to the Send to field to select more others (if you want to send to many users at the same time).

3. Type your message title and content.

4. Click Send to send the message.

Receiving a private message

When you have received a private message, there will be a notification on your User bar.

Click to open the Private Messages form.


Inbox: Where to view or delete received messages.

Sent Messages: Where to view or delete your sent messages.

Compose New Message: Where to compose new messages.

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