6.1. Regular user

This section describes actions that a regular user can perform in the Forums application of eXo Platform, including:

  • Topics

    Steps to create, edit, rate and tag/untag a topic, and how to create a poll.

  • Posts

    Steps to post a quick/advanced/private reply, to reply with a quote, to edit/delete a post.

  • Using BBCodes

    Details about BBCodes and how to use them.

  • Public user profile

    How to view a public profile.

  • Private messages

    Steps to send and receive a private message.

  • Bookmarks

    Steps to add/view and delete a bookmark.

  • Subscribing to RSS feeds

    The ways to get an RSS feed.

  • Watching

    How to watch your desired category/forum or topic.

  • Getting permalinks

    Steps to get permalinks of a specific forum/topic/category and share it with others

  • User settings

    Details about editing your profile, changing forum settings and editing your subscription.

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