1.7. Using the Activity Stream

After logging in, you will be directed to the Intranet homepage as below.

You can see activities of other registered people by clicking their display name to go their profile page, then select Activity Stream. However, for unconnected people, you only can view their activities but cannot create activities, comment or like on their activity streams.

The homepage also updates activities from spaces, so you can keep track of their activities without going to Activity Stream of separate spaces. For example, when there is a new post in a forum of a given space, this is updated in Activity Stream of the space and of the Social Intranet homepage.

Refine your preferred activity types by using 4 filters:

To access your Activity Stream page, click your display name on the top navigation bar, then select My Activity Stream.

You will be then directed to your Activity Stream page.


In Activity Stream, the order of activities is based on the last date when you create a publication action, or post a new comment. This means the last publication or comment will be auto-updated and sorted on the top of Activity Stream so that you will not miss any recent activities.

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