4.2.2. Managing permissions

Wiki lets you decide the restrictions to apply on a wiki or a page and to specific users, groups or memberships. So, there are two levels of permissions in Wiki:

Page permissions

The Page Permissions allows you to set the View and Edit permissions for a specific Wiki page.

  1. Open a Wiki page that you want to set the permissions.

  2. Click More and select Page Permissions from the drop-down menu.

    The Page Permissions form appears.

Pages are viewable/editable according to the Wiki permission. On each page, a user with the Admin Pages permission will be able to override the view and edit permissions on a specific page.

A Page Permissions action appears in the page action menu when the user has the Admin Pages permission.

You can add and delete the View Pages Permission or the Edit Pages Permission for the page. Do the same as Adding Wiki permissions and Deleting Wiki permissions.

Wiki permissions

Wiki permissions determine which actions a user can perform. A permission can be assigned to any users, groups or memberships.

To change the Wiki permissions, click Browse and select Wiki Settings from the drop-down list. Select the Permission tab in the Wiki Settings page.

There are some permissions on a Wiki as follows:

View Pages Specifies who can view and watch pages of this Wiki, its attachments and history.
Edit Pages Specifies who can edit pages of this Wiki.
Admin Pages Specifies who have the administration rights on pages of this Wiki.
Admin Wiki Specifies who can administrate the Wiki permissions and settings.

In the Permission tab, you can:

Adding Wiki permissions

You can add permissions for individual users, groups of users or memberships.

  1. Click to assign permissions to a user, a membership or a group respectively.

    The form to select the user, the membership and the group appears.

  2. Select a user, a membership or a group, then click Add.

  3. Click Add to add the selectors to the User or Group column in the Permission form.

  4. Tick the checkboxes corresponding to each permission you want to assign to the selectors.

  5. Click Save to commit.


View and Edit permissions are applied by default to any Wiki pages unless specific page permissions are set. The super user has all permissions implicitly.

Deleting Wiki permissions

To delete the permissions of a user, group or membership, just click corresponding to a user or group or membership in the Permissions form.

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