8.6.1. Creating a new event

Quick adding an event

  1. Open the Quick Add Event form via either of 4 ways:

    The first way

    Click on the toolbar.

    The second way

    Right-click the Calendar View pane, then select Add New Event from the drop-down menu.

    The third way

    i. Hover your cursor over the calendar which you want to add new events, then click that appears.

    ii. Click Add Event from the drop-down menu.

    The forth way

    Click the appropriate time slot in the calendar view pane. Drag your cursor to alter the length of the event. For more details, see here.

    The Quick Add Event form will appear.


    Title The event title which is required.
    Description The detailed description of the event.
    From The start date and time of the event.
    To The end date and time of the event.
    All Day If the event does not have a specific time, select the All Day option. This option allows setting the event duration to be all day or not. If you do not check this option, you have to define the start date/time and end date/time. By default, the start date and end date is the current date.
    Calendar The calendar which contains the event.
    Event Category The category which contains the event.
  2. Give information for your event.

    • When you right-click to add an event, the start date and time are where the click occurs and the default duration is 30 minutues. But, when you click Event on the top left corner of Calendar or Add Event by selecting , the start date is the current one with duration of 1 hour.

    • When you select a start date/time, an end date/time will be suggested. You can select another values to your desires.

  3. Click Save to finish creating your new event; or click to add more details.

Adding a detailed event

With a detailed event, you can:

  1. Open the Quick Add Event form, then click to open the Add/Edit Event form.

  2. Give details of your event in fields of tabs.

    i. In the Details tab, you can:

    • Follow similar steps as stated in Quick adding an event.

    • Also,

      • Enter the location name where the event will take place in the Location field.

      • Select the priority level of this event, including None, Normal, High and Low, in the Priority field.

      • Tick the Repeat checkbox if you want to create a recurring event. For more details, see here.

      • Click to attach any files, such as map, or invitation card, with your event.


        You can attach a maximum of 10 files to an event. Also, the size of each file must be less than 10 MB.

    ii. In the Reminders tab, you can create a reminder for your event. For more details, see the Creating a reminder for upcoming events section.

    iii. In the Participants tab, you can add participants to your event as stated in the Adding participants to an event section.

    iv. In the Schedule tab, you can view the availability time of users, or change date and time for your event and apply them into the Details tab. For more details, see the Viewing the availability time of participants section.

  3. Click Save to finish creating your detailed event.

    A confirmation message will appear that allows you to save and send the invitation, or only save.

    If you create an event in a space, you will see the event updated in the Activity Stream of your Space or Group Space.

    The event will be updated in your Activity Stream with its brief information, such as description, location, start time and end time. You can even deny or accept participating in this event directly in Activity Stream without going to the Calendar application.

Creating a recurring event

In the Details tab, tick the Repeat checkbox to open the Recurring Event form.

Here, you can define the repeating time for your event as follows:

  1. Select the type for your repeating event from the Repeat option.

    • Daily: The event will be repeated every day.

    • Weekly: The event will be repeated every week that is set by default.

    • Monthly: The event will be repeated every month.

    • Yearly: The event will be repeated every year.

  2. Select frequency and date for repeating your event in the Repeat every and Repeat on fields respectively. The selected frequency will work on the Repeat value. For example, if you set Weekly in Repeat, 5 in Repeat every and WE in Repeat on, the event will be repeated every 5 weeks on Wednesday.

  3. Select the option for ending your repeating event by ticking the relevant checkbox.

    • Never: Your repeating event will never end.

    • After [X] occurrences: Your repeating event will end after a defined number of occurrences.

    • By this date: Your repeating event will end before your specified date. Point your cursor over the textbox and select the date from the drop-down calendar.

The recurring event will be shown as below:

Creating a reminder for upcoming events

The Calendar application provides 2 options for reminding users who will take part in events. A reminder includes the summary information of the event, such as title, time and location. To use this feature, go to the Reminders tab.


Remind by Email before the event starts The interval time that the reminder will be repeated before an event starts.
Repeat Tick the checkbox to set the frequency for sending the email reminder before the event takes place.
Also send reminders to The list of email addresses to which the reminder will be sent. The default value is the email address of the event creator. Click to add more email addresses. To delete an email address, simply click corresponding to it.

Display a notification pop-up

Remind users of upcoming events via pop-up messages.

Adding more emails

  1. Click Add More to open the Select Users form. This form shows a list of users and their emails.

  2. Tick checkboxes corresponding to email addresses you want to select.

    Or, use the Search function to search for your expected email addresses.

  3. Click Add to add your selected emails.

    • A list of your selected email addresses is displayed right below the Also send reminders to field of the Reminders tab.

    • Click to remove your selected email addresses from the list of emails receiving the reminder.

Adding participants to an event

If you want to invite people to attend at an event, go to the Participants tab. This tab contains options to add participants and to send invitation mails.

  1. Select the Private or Public checkbox in the Privacy field.


    This privacy information is designed for the only purpose of searching in Social Intranet, not for limiting access on users.

    See the following table to learn about which combinations create searchable results. The icon means that the events and tasks in the relevant combination will appear in the search results of Social Intranet:

    Shared calendars with the Edit right
    Shared calendars without the Edit right
    Group calendars with the Edit right
    Group calendars without the Edit right
  2. Set the status of participants during the time when your event takes place.

    • If Busy or Outside is ticked, the time when the participants take part in the event/task will be in red when viewing the event/task schedule.

    • If Available is ticked, the time when the participants take part in the event/task will be in white.

  3. Select participants who will take part in the event by clicking to open the Invitations form.

    Here, you can choose participants who have registered in the system to join the event:

    i. Click respectively.

    ii. Choose people you want to invite by ticking the respective checkboxes, or use the Search function to find users quickly. Then, click Add to add selected users as participants.

    iii. Enter your invitation message into the Invitation Message pane.

    iv. Click Save to add your selected users to the Participants table. To remove the selected participant from the Participants list, simply click in the Action bar.

  4. Tick one checkbox corresponding to your desired option of sending invitations to participants in the Send Invitations field. This option is loaded by default with the value defined in the Calendar Settings.

    • Never: Never send the invitation to any participants.

    • Always: Automatically send the invitation to the participants.

    • Ask: There will be a confirmation message for you to decide.

    Participants will receive invitations via emails. Their statuses will be updated in the Status column after they have answered the invitations via emails.

    • If the participants agree to participate (by clicking Yes in their received invitation emails), their statuses will be yes.

    • If the participants do not agree to participate (by clicking No), their statuses will be no.

    • If the participants have not decided to take part in the event (by clicking Not sure), their statuses will be pending.

    Also, participants can import the event directly into their calendars or jump to the calendar by clicking the relevant links in the invitation emails.

Viewing the availability time of participants

Go to the Schedule tab to select the correct event's start and end time, depending on participants' availabilities. By default, it is the start and end time of the event which you define in the Details tab. Busy periods are displayed in red so you can easily detect the schedule conflicts to manage the alternate meeting time that works best for all participants.

You can schedule the event (its start/end time) by dragging and dropping, the selected period is displayed in green.

Adding participants

Click in the left pane to select users from the Select Users form.

Deleting participants

Tick the checkboxes corresponding to users in the Participants list, then click . The deleted users will be removed from the participants list of both Schedule and Participants tabs.

Applying selected day


It is required to have at least 1 user in the Participants list.

  1. Enter the time manually into the From and To fields;

    Or, tick the All Day checkbox if your event will be hold for all day;

    Or, hover your cursor over the time pane to visually select the available time of users. The selected period will become green and the corresponding time will be automatically updated into the From and To fields.


    If you do not see any available time for your selected date in the time pane, you can switch to another dates by clicking / to check another time availability of users.

  2. Click the Apply Selected Day checkbox to accept applying your selected date and time into the Details tab.

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