5.3.2. Managing Google Gadget

The Google Gadget file is in the .xml format with the special MIME type "application/x-google-gadget". In eXo IDE, you can:

Creating a Google Gadget

To create the Google Gadget within eXo IDE, do one of the following ways:

The first way: Click on the toolbar and then select Google Gadget from the drop-down menu.

The second way: Go to FileNewGoogle Gadget from the top menu.

The third way: Right-click a folder/file item in the Workspace panel, then select NewGoogle Gadget from the top menu.

The fourth way: Open the existing gadget from the local system by going to FileOpen Local File from the top menu.

The fifth way: Upload the existing gadget directly to JCR by going to FileUpload File... from the top menu.

For the third and forth ways, you must select the MIME type: "application/x-google-gadget".

Previewing a Google Gadget

  1. Open your desired Google Gadget file which was previously saved.

  2. Click on the toolbar;

    Or, go to RunShow Preview from the top menu.

    The gadget is opened in the Gadget Container of the Preview tab as described in the Google Gadget Operations illustration above.

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