5.3.1. Managing REST Service

The eXo IDE application provides the original approach to operate with REST Service to validate, deploy/undeploy and launch applications, which are compatible with the JSR-311 specification without restarting the server, or installing additional programs:

OperationUser with "developer" roleUser with "administrator" role
Validate EnabledEnabled
Deploy DisabledEnabled
Undeploy DisabledEnabled
Deploy in Sandbox EnabledEnabled
Undeploy from Sandbox EnabledEnabled
Set/Unset Autoload DisabledEnabled
Run in Sandbox EnabledEnabled
Launch REST Service DisabledEnabled

With eXo IDE, you can validate REST Service before saving, deploying, launching or undeploying the service. The feedback from server is displayed in the Output tab:

All REST Service commands are placed at the right part of the toolbar and in the Run from the top menu.

To clear the Output panel, click at the right top corner of this panel.

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