5.3.3. Managing Templates

The Template file is a combination of HTML code and Groovy code blocks. In eXo IDE, you can create and edit those files in editor.

The following topics are covered:

Creating and Editing a template

  1. Click on the toolbar and then select Template from the drop-down menu;

    Or, select FileNewTemplate from the top menu;

    Or, right-click the folder to which you want to add a template, then click NewTemplate from the drop-down menu.

    A new file is opened in the editor.

  2. Add content.

  3. Save the file by selecting FileSave As from the top menu, or by clicking on the toolbar, or press the Ctrl+S hotkeys.

    Both Outline panel and Auto-complete form can be used to edit the Groovy Template.

Viewing template's properties

To view properties of the template, click on the right corner of the toolbar.

Previewing a template

  1. Open your desired Groovy template in the Content panel.

  2. Click on the toolbar;

    Or, go to RunShow Preview from the top menu.

    The selected template is opened in the Gadget Container of the Preview tab as below:

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