Editing a file by Code Editor Showing/Hiding Line Numbers & Go to/Delete a line Finding/Replacing Auto-completing code Code outline


Once a file has been created/opened, its content is displayed in the separate tab on the Content panel in the default Code editor. eXo IDE Code Editor parses and colors the code. You can indent code, search text, locate open/close braces and brackets, see line numbers and more.

Formatting a file

In the Code editor, Format is to adjust row indentations of the HTML, Groovy, JavaScript, XML content with two spaces by default. To do this, click on the toolbar, or go to EditFormat from the top menu.

Watching the cursor position in the Status bar

When the editor is opened, the current cursor position is shown in the Status bar. The first number is the line number and the second is the column position.

Editing a file with the WYSIWYG Editor

  • Besides the Code editor, you can open and edit HTML files and Google Gadgets with the WYSIWYG editor based on the CKEditor. You can set the WYSIWYG editor for those files by default.

  • Currently, the WYSIWYG editor can be used to edit the HTML, Google Gadget or Groovy Template files.

  • The WYSIWYG editor does not support the line numbering, auto-indentation and format, code coloring, auto-complete, code outline or type error validation. However, the text edited with the WYSIWYG editor looks similar to published results. This editor has many common editing features as working in Microsoft Word, or OpenOffice.

  • To open a file with the WYSIWYG editor, see the Opening a file with the non-default editor section above.

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