This function is commonly used in text files to quickly search for a specific word/phrase and to replace the text as follows:

  1. Open your desired file.

  2. Open the Find/Replace form by following one of the ways described below:

    Select on the toolbar;

    Or, go to EditFind/Replace... from the top menu;

    Or, press Ctrl+F.

  3. Enter the word/phrase for which you want to search into the Find field.

  4. Click Find to do the search.

    Once the text has been found, and if you want to replace the found phrase, continue doing the next steps:

  5. Enter the replacement text into the Replace with field.

  6. Click Replace or Replace/Find to replace the current selected found word/phrase, or select Replace All to replace all the matched phrase.


  • All functions in the Find/Replace form are only effective with the lines from the current position of the cursor to the end of the file.

  • Replace and Replace/Find are only active if the text is found.

  • Check the Case sensitive field to do the search based on differing the use of uppercase and lowercase letters.

  • If you do the Find/Replace action with one file and then switch to another, this form will save the status of performed actions of the opened file in each editor.

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