What's new in eXo 4.2?

Many great enhancements come up in eXo Platform 4.2 thanks to eXo teams and Community members who participated by contributing ideas, discussing and voting for the new features.

Document Viewer

The enhanced Document Viewer is a great feature if we count on the document types it supports. Images, audios, videos, Office documents and ECMS content - this range makes the feature unique. Text Search, Comment and Like and other functions - these simply make the quality.

Open in Office

This new feature allows editing Office documents without downloading them. When you see a Word file (or any other common types), simply click Open in Word, then you can edit the document and save it. You do not need to download it, edit and re-upload it like before.

On-site Notifications

The on-site notifications channel is where all your colleagues' activities come up that helps you receive new information without a browser refresh. Like Facebook's one, but enriched by the vague sources - documents, wiki, calendar, and anything that you are interested in.

To developers: we know what you are asking. Yes you can extend it - write a new channel or add some new activity types.

New User Profile

The new design of Profile page makes it more convenient to edit and gathers up more information to view. An album of connections is added, from which you can quickly view other profiles. Also, a new Recent activities stream is placed in the centre of the page.

New Add-ons

The following add-ons was released in alignment with eXo Platform 4.2:

  • SSO Add-ons: those save you a lot of time to download SSO components from many places.

  • Answers Add-on: this application is now made as an add-on as of eXo Platform 4.2. Check out the document if you want to continue to or start to use it.

Skin Module

Skin customization was never easier with the new eXo Skin component. Check out this tutorial for building a new theme entirely in minutes.

In previous versions, each application has its own stylesheet, so it requires a massive modification to change the whole theme. With this new Skin module, it can be done by updating a few variables in a unique .less file.

Spring MVC Portlet

The Spring MVC Portlet is supported officially as of eXo Platform 4.2. Check out this tutorial in Developer guide for an introduction.

CKEditor Upgrade

CKEditor has been upgraded to the latest stable version, 4.4.6 (that was 4.1.2 and 3.3.2 in eXo Platform 4.1 and 4.0 respectively). There are some updates in the Developer guide that you should check if you want to customize the skin, add a new toolbar or plugin in CKEditor.

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