1.3.2. Social Intranet applications


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Intranet applications are ones which come with the Social Intranet homepage, including:

Getting Started

The Getting Started application is displayed first in the list of the Intranet homepage applications on the top right. This application helps you start exploring the Social Intranet by suggesting you where to go and what you should do first via the following links:

Clicking each link will direct you to the related page to do the action.

After each action is performed, it will be remarked as completed with a strike-through even though it is not performed via this application. Also, the completion percentage is updated on the percentage bar.

When all the actions are performed, the completion percentage will be 100%. You can remove this application from the homepage by clicking Close or by hovering your cursor over the application header, and click .


You cannot get the Getting Started application back when it is removed.

The "Upload a document" action is considered as completed only when a document has been uploaded in your Personal Documents drive.


The Calendar application displays some calendars and all of their events and tasks scheduled in the Calendar applications of Intranet and spaces. When going to the homepage, you will see events with their start and end date and tasks of Today. You can also see the events and tasks of the previous/next day by clicking the previous/next arrow respectively.


When a task is completed, it will be remarked with a strike-through.


The Invitations application shows a list of spaces and users who have sent you connection requests. You can see the number of requests displayed next to the application name.

You can accept/refuse an invitation by hovering your cursor over a user/space's name, then clicking Accept or respectively.

When the invitation is accepted or refused, it will permanently removed from the list.


The Invitations application is not displayed when there is no invitation.


The Suggestions application suggests you to connect with other users or to join spaces. Usually, it suggests two people having the most common connections with you, and two spaces having the most members who are your connections. Otherwise, it will suggest the newest users or the latest created space in the portal.

When the suggestion is accepted or refused, it will permanently removed from the list.


  • You can click a person's name suggested in the list to see his profile.

  • If there is no suggestion, the Suggestions application is not displayed.

Who's Online?

The Who's Online? application shows all users who are already logged in the portal.

Hover your cursor over the avatar of an online user, a pop-up will show you some information about him, such as name, avatar, current position (if defined), and the last activity message of status activity, file or link sharing activity (if any).

You can also see your connection status with an online user via the corresponding button at the pop-up bottom:


From the pop-up, you can click his avatar or display name to jump to his activity stream page.

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